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Game Night Review

Opening weekend I went to see Game night, a comedy with a bit of dark humor. There will be no spoilers, at least none you can get by not watching the trailer.

     The plot is that Max and Annie, a couple who met from their love for competitive games, is having Max’s brother over. Max’s brother is everything Max’s wishes he was, and the stress off him coming has left him infertile.

     Like I said Max is extremely competitive, and he has never beaten his brother at anything. Like every week they hold a game night, Max’s brother shows up, and wiped the floor with him. After that he invites Max and his friends for a game night at his luxurious new house in town, promising to take things up a notch. He informs them that he has a company that does kidnap mysteries for parties. When the company arrives the intro is cheezy, like expected, but it is interrupted by very realistic criminals breaking in and taking Max’s Brother. The party, still thinking its a game, set out to find him.

     Now onto the review. I really loved the plot. It took a very real thing, kidnap party games, and put a dark twist on it. Speaking of Twists there are quite a few in this movie, a surprising amount for a comedy, I guess that makes them less expected. The jokes where well timed, even if they were burnt, it was done very well. With that I give this movie a solid 7/10, for its interesting plot for a comedy, and solid performance.