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BTS Who?

“They’re revolutionary,” says the biggest Beyond the scene (BTS) fan at South, Trezdon Davis.
BTS has officially taken over. They’re a seven-member South Korean Boy Band formed in 2013 but as of recently, have been gaining more and more fans from the USA. They’re a very talented group of boys that not only sing, but dance… and I mean they can seriously dance. They ranked the highest of any Korean act on the Billboard 200, came in #1 on the Social 50 chart, and were the first Korean group to win an award at the Billboard Music Awards. BTS is constantly performing in sold-out concerts and appearing in popular Korean award and variety shows. They sing everything from hip hop and pop to R&B and rock.

Many people may have seen them for the first time on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ NYE with their new song “DNA” or maybe if you get bored enough on twitter to look through the trending hashtags, you’ll find them somewhere in there too. The oldest BTS member is 25 and youngest is 20 so they have a wide age range of fans. Davis says, “the fact that their music can relate to everybody, no matter what language you speak or who you are.”
Anyone, guys or girls, no matter what age, would love their music! Lots of students at South have already been huge followers. Davis has been a fan of BTS since June 2017 and says he fell in love immediately.

Now, you may be wondering, “they sing in korean…how are you supposed to sing along or know what they’re saying?” Davis suggest finding videos on Youtube with english captions. He said this is how he learned the lyrics and also a way more fun way to learn a new language!

Check them out!