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Big Kid With An Even Bigger Future

Credit: @etinosa_r

Have you ever dreamed about getting to play for a D1 college?


Starting off high school playing soccer as a freshman, junior Etinosa “ET” Reuben never would’ve imagined the 11 Division I offers he would be receiving after putting on his football pads sophomore year.


“I stopped playing soccer because I got too big for it and I wanted to try something new,” said Reuben.


Standing at 6’4” and 270 lbs, Reuben is making his presence known on the football field, and throughout colleges across the country. Kansas State, University of Kansas, Mizzou, Notre Dame, University of Kentucky and Purdue are only some of the offers he has received.


“I feel really grateful because my freshman year I would’ve never thought any D1 college would want to recruit me or have me play for their program so it’s like a big step for me from where I was freshman year,”  said Reuben.


Besides being one of the big guys on the field, Reuben sticks out in more ways than one.


Junior Hunter Johnston said, “On and off the field he is hilarious but when he puts the pads on, he knows it’s time to dominate.”


Coach James Godfrey mentioned that Reuben is honest and has a genuine smile.


“His best trait is that he is competitive and has a huge desire to learn, he could potentially have a good year, along with Addison Snowball, the wrecking crew,” said James Godfrey, teacher.


With many choices to choose from, ET is most excited for his offer from Notre Dame and some colleges he wishes that will reach out to him is Oklahoma and LSU. Even with all these decisions, he continues to focus on his next and last season as a South football player.


“I think our next season is going to be great.” said Reuben. “We have a lot of seniors so we’ll have a lot of leadership on the team and we’ve got a lot of people that are ready to step up.”


Reuben’s dream is starting to become a reality as he continues to grow into a Division I athlete.