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After The Nightmares

Boom… Boom… was that the beating of your heart going a mile a minute or the sound of another gunman becoming the nightmare you realized could become reality?


More school shootings have been happening throughout the U.S with a total of 18 just in the past two months of the new year. After all these shootings, what has impacted us the most, grief or demand for change and how much fear should be instilled in us about going to a what used to be safe place?


“We should not have to be afraid of people around us, there’s enough crying and just so many school shootings people are done,” says freshman Paige Miller.


Miller went on to say how the recent shooting has made her feel scared about coming to school now and how everyone is tired of the endless killing.


Sophomore Cora Bennett has similar ideas, saying how she too doesn’t feel as safe and how not talking about it as a school has not helped with the fear some students have. When asked about how the school could help students feel safer some students had different ideas.


Sophomore Kendra Slaughter said, “Well the front gate should be more secure and we need to have more police officers.”


Meanwhile Bennett and Miller agree on less bullying towards peers and being more accepting towards others a solution to a positive environment.


At South there is one School Resource Officer, policeman Matt Westrich. Being part of the police, Office Westrich has dealt with many struggles but the idea of a school shooting becoming more of a reality has hit him the most.


“I think about it every day; could this be the day where someone pulls a gun and shoots someone?” says Officer Westrich.

Even though the recent school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. has scared students, it also has brought their strength out in unison. Many students from the recent tragedy have stood up leading on protests for gun control and debates with government officials.


Students from South discussed the shooting and its impact on the protests going on.


“I think that this shooting has brought out some positive impacts because students are standing up for each other and not just sitting there as victims,” says Cora Bennett.


Officer Westrich also seems to agree, stating that it’s great that student are standing up for change because they’re smart and will be the generation to implement change.


Burying classmates, being scared of gunman, and the fear of getting killed should never have to go through your mind but it has become such a normal thing in society now that tears have become numb.The impact some nightmares can have on a person can be traumatizing, but the fear of being afraid to never wake up from it can be worse.