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Will Tuesday’s Snow, Hit or Miss?

3 years ago yesterday was the anniversary of Kansas City’s last 3 inch, or more snowstorm. That seems hard to believe considering we’ve had a lot of 1-2 inch snowstorms, but none above 2.3 inches, let alone 3. Tuesday may finally break this dry spell, but their are a lot of pieces that still need to come together.


Let’s get the first question that you all care about out of the way, will we have snow? Yes, we will have snow, the biggest question is how much. As of right now there’s a high pressure flo that will break this storm into multiple pieces, each of which will have the heaviest bands of snow.


If these bands setup along I-70, then Kansas City could see anywhere from 3-5 inches of snow, if they don’t and shift north, or south, Kansas City may only get 1-2 inches of snow. This question is a big one, and even professionals don’t have it figured out. Count on the snow, but don’t get too excited about any totals until tonight.


Here’s how wishy washy it’s been, early yesterday morning models said we were going to get close to nothing, then for about 12 hours straight models trended towards at least 3 inches of snow, and most likely more. Right now we sit at 2 inches of snow. With this high pressure flow, we won’t know confidently until tonight.


The snow isn’t expected to begin until after lunch Tuesday, so we will have school for at least a little bit, however if snow starts early enough, an early dismissal is very possible, especially with snow already on the roads. Snow is expected to continue through late morning hours on Wednesday, so if we have a snow day, expect it to be Wednesday. Below are pictures of the storm, and how it’s setting up now.