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What Valentine’s Day Means to Sophomores at South

Valentine’s Day is typically more important when you’re in a relationship. It has more meaning and is a bigger deal when you have a significant other, and if you don’t it can cause us to feel lonely and desolate.

Hannah Nelson is dating Tyler Brown, and their one year anniversary is on Valentine’s Day. This day is extra special for them because not only will they be celebrating their love for each other, but also how far they have come with their relationship.

Before the couple started dating, Nelson spent Valentine’s Day with her family.

“We would go eat sushi, it was our tradition.” she said.

On the other hand, Brenden Shy, single, believes that Valentine’s Day is just like any other day because it’s something you do on a daily basis, just more emphasized.

Shy said, “When you’re alone it’s more of a sad then happy day.”

Valentine’s day would mean more to him if he was in a relationship because you get to express your love for that person but since he isn’t, it’s like any other day to him.

“Valentine’s Day never really had meaning until this year because I actually have a girlfriend” said Jake Powers.

The couple will be celebrating a day early because Powers has a basketball game on Valentine’s Day.

Both Powers and Shy said that Valentine’s Day is just a normal day to them when they are single.