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The Lowdown on Zayn Malik’s Upcoming Album

Zayn Malik has been giving clues that he’s releasing his new album, nicknamed “Z2,” very soon. Some students – and even fans of social media – have been having mixed reactions to the poems that he’s put on Instagram.

Some people are excited about the album, such as Nousha Aldhefery of Twitter who said, “I’m excited for Zayn’s new album because he hasn’t released one since 2016. I feel like his music has really improved and he as a person has drastically improved as well.”

Others are positive that he’ll add more of his culture on the new album.

Freshman Avery Butler said that it’s “cool he’s representing Desi culture” and “being himself” more on this one.

Whereas freshman Melissa Dominguez said he’ll probably have more alternative vibes.

As for the poems on social media that Malik has been posting, some people think it could be from personal experience.

He struggles with anxiety which causes him to not be able to do a lot of stuff that normal celebrities would do, such as perform. Writing about them could help other people who also deal with anxiety and make them feel not so alone,” Aldhefery said.

Most think it could be from what’s to come on the album. Butler said it could be a “sneak peek throughout the songwriting process” and how “his vibes may be on the album.”

Whatever it all may be, fans are definitely excited to see what’s to come.