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South Takes On DECA

South’s DECA club attended districts Feb. 9 at UMKC. The group consisted of seniors Joe Cummings, Joe Leluga, Robert Showers, Eli Guzman and Cooper Hayes, junior.

“We have a pretty strong project and a pretty strong team,” said Cummings.  

These five men were able to put their business knowledge on display through various competitions. Cummings and Showers participated in Entrepreneurship/Innovation Plan event, as well as Hayes and Leluga in a separate project.

“I don’t really know what to expect, Cooper just told me to do it,” Leluga said.

Leluga has never done DECA before but has a strong knowledge about business and decided to give it a shot.

“Yeah, we probably shouldn’t have done this the night before it was due,” Leluga said after reflecting on his DECA experience.

He realized that many of the competitors in his event had been preparing for this for around a year while he found out about one week prior.

Although DECA wasn’t a success for all competitors it can still be seen as a positive experience for those who attend.

“DECA is a great opportunity to meet people around KC with the same interests as you in a professional setting,” said Cummings.

DECA district competition came to a close around 5 p.m. on Friday. South has three competitors moving on to the State competition at Crown Center in March: Cummings, Guzman, and Showers.

Depending on their performance at State, these competitors could advance to Nationals in May.