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South Students Look Forward to Spring Break

Spring break this year at South is between March 16 and 25. Many panther students are looking forward to getting these 10 days off to relax and recharge from school.

Sophomore Mike Suchanick said, “Always need a big break in the year” when asked why he felt it was necessary to keep spring break.

Other students made similar statements as well.

Will Fricker said, “Very enjoyable break from learning” when asked the same question.

Although most students agreed that spring break is necessary others have a different mindset towards the break.

Sophomore Daryn Williams said, “I go on trips throughout the year so spring break isn’t needed for me.”

Sophomore Sammy Hickey agreed with this statement.

She said, “Get rid of it. More summer!”

Whether you like spring break or not many students can agree that the week off produces some of the best trips and memories of the year.

Avery Glover, sophomore, said, “My cruise last year was one of the best weeks of my life. I love being on the ship because you feel disconnected from the outside world.”

Luci Steele, sophomore, also had a memorable trip last year.

She said, “Costa Rica two years ago was one of the best trips i’ve ever been on. I loved everything about it and would gladly go back sometime in the future.”

Spring break seems to fall at the perfect time for everyone. Many students at South agreed that placing it right in the middle of winter break and summer break is the best time to have it.