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South Students Battle Icy Roads

Winter weather has hit the Kansas City area several times this season. Snowy and icy roads have complicated the morning commutes of drivers all across the metro. Several South students have been affected by the conditions.

Senior Ewan Frick notes that his vehicle is not properly fitted for dangerous roads.

“I definitely need new tires. I’m slipping around like crazy,” he said.

Frick encourages new drivers to practice in open parking lots. He stresses that four-wheel-drive is a must.

Another senior, Evan Means, drives a 1999 Acura that struggles in poor conditions.

“It don’t do well on ice,” he said.

Means advises young drivers to avoid driving on ice whenever possible. If it is necessary, it is important to accelerate slowly and reduce speed on turns.

In an unconventional analogy, Means said that “ice is like societal racism,” because it you can’t see it until you slip.

South security guard Laura Heflin, widely known as “Rowcat,” said that most students drive small compact cars and sedans, along with “a few hand-me-down SUVs.”

Heflin says she encounters reckless student driving on a near-daily basis. She said that students are often highly unprepared for winter conditions.

“I’ve seen students using their driver’s license as an ice scraper,” she said.

She encourages students to get all-season tires and keep winter gear, like blankets and hand-warmers, in their car during the winter months.

In many instances of winter weather affecting the roads, the district will cancel school in the interest of safety. Heflin notes that the process is handled primarily by central office.

She adds that the decision to cancel is “all about the buses.”

The Park Hill School District has called now called three snow days due to icy road conditions this school year.