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Snow Daze

After beginning second semester, many students choose to anxiously count the days they have left before summer break. Yet it is currently the middle of winter, and many students believe South may face the possibility of snow days that might throw off this countdown.

Freshman Dakota Nelson stated that he “wouldn’t be missing anything important in his classes” and that in his opinion, a snow day is long overdue.

Other freshmen share Nelson’s sentiment, like Eli Bussey, who said “I’ll worry about the late release when it’s summer.”

As one might expect, students become more anxious whenever faced with the gratification of a quick retreat from school. Even the staff are begging for a break.

Mrs. Carlton said “I can’t wait for a snow day, I feel like everyone needs a break once in a while.”

Unfortunately, the wishes of students and faculty don’t always come true. A snow day would disrupt a lot of time sensitive events, like the school’s fundraiser and enrollment for next year. In the forecasts as of Feb. 13, snow isn’t immediately in sight.

In fact, temperatures are reportedly on the rise. In short, this is bad news for weather watchers.

In response to the possibility of warmer temperatures in the future, though, freshman Lexandra Davis stated “I honestly can’t wait to enjoy the warmer weather, even though we didn’t get the snow we hoped for.”

So while students may not have found the snow day they were looking for, they can at least expect to go home to a warm rest of their week.