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Pack the Mat senior night

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wrestle or be a part of the wrestling team? On Jan. 30, some teachers and students went to find out at the Pack the Mat event.

At South there are many sports that people enjoy doing or watching. Wrestling is one of them it helps many people in their everyday lives. It gives many something to do. Many even enjoy watching it.  

“I enjoy the wins I get, it makes me feel like I have accomplished something,” said Xavier jackson, sophomore.

Jackson talked about how he likes seeing everyone in the stands cheer for him along with his teammates.

“It’s one of the sports I enjoy because it makes me feel great about my accomplishments,” he said.

He talked about how thought this year’s senior night was one of the best he has seen and how he was happy he got to be a part of it and win his dual.

Samantha Rakestraw, freshman, says wrestling isn’t a sport she normally goes to to watch but she thinks thinks it is very interesting how it is done.

“It’s a very unique and entertaining sport,” said Rakestraw.

She talked about her favorite parts the pack the mat senior night that happened at South.

“I really enjoyed watching two teachers sumo wrestle, it got good laughs from the crowds,” she said.

Everyone has their own opinions on wrestling and their own ideas.Wrestling is done by many people across the world and liked by lots. Pack the Mat was a time where students and staff got to support their seniors in their last go before conference and then State.