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NBA All-Star Game Breakouts


The Footlocker 3-Point shootout has taken over in the last few years. With the eruption of three-point shooters in the NBA, the contest has been more competitive and exciting than ever before.

“I’m excited to see Steph Curry, James Harden, CJ McCollum, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving in the contest,” said Joe Badalucco, senior.

In the last three years, the shootout has gone down to the wire every time. The contestant has one minute to make as many three pointers as they can while moving around the three point line.

“A lot of guys can knock down three’s in game, but shooting over and over again in front of thousands of people is another beast,” said Badalucco.

For years, the 3-Point shootout has been thought of as the little brother to the dunk contest, but not anymore.

“The dunks are repetitive, and there are more superstars in the 3-Point contest,” said Badalucco.




One of the most underrated events in the All Star weekend is the Taco Bell Skills Challenge. This event is a fast paced obstacle course that test a player’s ball handling, passing and shooting ability.

The contestant starts by dribbling down the court swerving through obstacles,  then they have to make a skilled chest pass and bounce pass through two tight spaces.  After they have made the passes, they dribble all the way down court to score a layup/dunk to then finish the course with a 3-point shot.

“I think the Skills Challenge is really underrated because it honestly takes the most basketball skill out of the three competitions,” said Isaiah McGilchrist, senior.

Usually the point guards have dominated this course with their quick speed and passing/dribbling abilities, but recently the big men have stolen the show winning the past two years. I think the guards are underestimating the big men and I look for them to bounce back with the win this year.




In past years what was once one of the most entertaining parts of the All Star break has turned into a laughing stock. A once star-studded game with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Usain Bolt, and Floyd Mayweather is now filled with contestants such as Kris Wu, Romeo Miller, and Aaron Sanchez.

For how popular the NBA is among the culture, it’s surprising that the NBA fails to get some popular names to compete in the game. With how relevant the NBA has been this year, I wonder if they will try to revive this once cherished event.

“I think it would be a good idea to have Lavar, Melo and Gelo play in the Celebrity All Star game. That family is always in the news and it would be a good attempt at bringing the game back to life.” said Ty Rouse, sophomore.  




Let’s be honest, the dunk contest is, and always will be, the main attraction of the All Star weekend. This event lets you see just how insane these freak athletes actually are. From dunking from the free throw line, 5’9” guys jumping over seven footers, to even players jumping over mascots riding a hoverboard, you see it all in the dunk contest.

With this exciting rookie class filled with it’s fair share of high flyers, look for some of these rookies like Dennis Smith, Jr. and Donovan Mitchell to take advantage of the spotlight come next Saturday.

Megan Hughes is in her third year as publications adviser at Park Hill South High School. She currently advises the View newsmagazine, South Paw yearbook and LitMag.