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Mizzou’s Journey to the Tourney

If you would have told me that Missouri basketball would make the NCAA final tournament last year, I would have called you a liar. But after Mizzou got the number one player in the nation and a ton of other recruits, they have a chance. Mizzou is 15-8 and not ranked but they show they can play with the best by beating Alabama and Kentucky in back to back wins.

The tigers at home are at an incredible 10-2 home record. Playing them away is a lot better with an away record of 3-4. This is due to Mizzou’s incredibly awful record last year going 8-24. So every home game this year is packed because they haven’t been good in a while and fans are dying to get tickets.

However, the tigers have lost a ton of guys this season, Michael Porter, went out with a back injury and may return soon. Blake Harris, transferred to North Carolina State, and CJ Roberts is also transferring to Texas Tech. Mizzou’s junior guard, Terrence Phillips, is involved in a title IX investigation and cannot play.

Mizzou has been relying on seniors Kassius Robertson and Jordan Barnett to score on the perimeter and occasionally working the ball into the paint. Freshman have really stepped up to help the tiger team. Big men Jontay Porter and Jeremiah Tilmon have really picked up their level of play recently.

This team has what it takes to play in the NCAA final tournament, but it all comes down to timing. Yes, right now Missouri is playing good but it all really comes down to this final month. If Missouri does good this month, I can’t see them not making the tournament. With the stride their on now, I don’t see them slowing down.