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Global Warming Gets People Thinking

The weather has been fickle lately. This may be a result of global warming.


South students had some different thoughts on these matters.


“I don’t believe that it is a thing to be concerned about.” says Lexandra Davis, freshman.

Others disagreed with Davis.

Taken by JoshBerglund19 on Flickr Creative Commons.

Eli Bussey, freshman believes it is bad “because it melts the ice caps and kills several arctic animals.”


According to NASA., Global average sea level has risen over seven inches in the past 100 years. Global temperature has also risen by 1.8 degrees fahrenheit since 1880.


Despite these statistics, Jaden Shields has no opinion on the matter, stating that it probably exists but he doesn’t care.


As for the weather lately, Bussey states that “I enjoy it because I don’t like being hot or sweaty”.