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Driving in the Snow

At this time of the year, snow is more common in Kansas City, the roads start to get really bad and lots of accidents occur.

If you have a car and you live in Kansas City, you exactly how it is driving in these conditions in the winter, especially when it snows and freezes and there’s ice and it’s a big old mess.

Many kids from South would agree with this. Junior Braden Smith says does not think these conditions are not okay to drive in.

He said, “You slide and can’t break right and you gotta drive really slow.”

Another student, Evan Oathout, sophomore, also agrees with this statement.

He said, “it’s hard to stop and you have to give yourself room from other cars.”

Students really don’t like driving in this type of weather and they feel like it isn’t safe to be in these conditions while driving. But other students like Jerome Pearson, junior, would agree that it’s not safe for most, but he does okay.

He said, “it’s not hard for me to drive in these conditions because I got a four wheel jeep so it’s easy.”

Even though Pearson has a Jeep that helps him drive in such conditions at this time of year he also says, “You could slip on the roads and there’s a high rate of car accidents.”

Although these conditions are not very safe to drive in some students think it’s exciting to drive in the snow.

Smith said,”If you’re good at driving it’s exciting because I like to do doughnuts in open parking lots.”

Pearson would agree with Smith on this statement about how driving in the snow is exciting.

He says,”it’s exciting because the snow makes my Jeep look sexy with the Snow on the tires.”

As the winter season is coming to an end hopefully there is not anymore snow so no one has to worry about driving in these conditions.