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2018 State of the Union Address

On January 30th, President Trump gave his first State of the Union address. With over 40 million viewers, this speech has a huge impact on how the world perceives the state of the government and their direction.


Trump spoke a lot about the economy, saying that jobs are being created and referencing the major tax cuts implemented by the Trump administration. He also mentioned how successful he and his people have been with taking down Obamacare and putting in new policies.


“We enacted the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history,” said Trump.


He also made a lot of claims about immigration and the new ways his team is handling these issues.


“For decades, open borders have allowed drugs and gangs to pour into our most vulnerable communities. They’ve allowed millions of low-wage workers to compete for jobs and wages against the poorest Americans. Most tragically, they have caused the loss of many innocent lives. Tonight, I am calling on Congress to finally close the deadly loopholes that have allowed MS-13, and other criminal gangs, to break into our country. We have proposed new legislation that will fix our immigration laws and support our ICE and Border Patrol agents,” said Trump.


President Trump also spoke about his victories and hardships during the year of his presidency. Many people are criticizing Trump for his claims, saying that they aren’t completely factual. With many ways to analyze this address, it definitely has people talking.