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The Life of Muna Osman

Park Hill South is full of many diverse people that are able to express their individuality without the feeling of being judged by other students, not only that, PHS does a great job of having different clubs for the many students who want to find someone who is similar as them.

Someone who stood out to me is Muna Osman.She is a Muslim student. Throughout her school career, I made the assumption that it would be hard for other students to understand why she wore a hijab, or why she practiced a different religion from everyone else.

“I feel like negativity is hard to avoid when it’s everywhere from politics to widespread media outlets. I don’t really ‘avoid’ it, but face it with a mature attitude. I get asked ignorant questions often about where I wa born, if I was forced to wear my scarf, etc. But it’s about how you face the problem and I choose to face mine with positivity” said Osman, junior.

With bad, there comes good, no matter what the situation is. As Muna said, you have to look on the positive in life and not letting people take that away from you, especially if it’s materialistic things or accessories.

“ Whenever I get a new hijab (aka scarf), they compliment me and tell me I look great, which makes my whole day”

As a human, it is part of life to grow. Growing shows maturity and independence, whether that is becoming a better person or knowing how to make smart decision. No matter what it is, it is good to understand that you’re being yourself and people should respect it.

“I can definitely say that I’ve grown as a Muslim in high school. I have become more confident in myself and my religion. It’s a part of me and always will be, and I am proud of it.” said Osman.

There are so many reasons to be happy, so many reasons to be happy during school , even if you’re not the biggest fan of school. There are amazing people at school that love who you are and your uniqueness.

“The best thing about being Muslim at school is everything. I love that we have MSA club and I also love that my friends just look at me as Muna. No matter what’s on the news or on their twitter feeds, I’m just Muna to them.

Muna inspires me to be the best person I can be and look at the brighter side of things. She shows me that even though high school can be tough, it is good to keep your head up and put on a smile. The question is,  Why go through life letting people get under your skin when there are so many positive things you could be doing?