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Size Doesn’t Matter: Taylor Evans


Her name is Taylor Evans, sophomore. Taylor was one of 3 freshmen(the only freshman goalie) on varsity for the 2016-2017 season.

“I felt very honored and accomplished when I made varsity, but I knew that my work had only begun for the high school season.” Evans said, especially because she’s planning on playing in college.

“Making varsity was a great feat, but that was short lived- my main priority at that point was to work hard and get better in order to help and support the team in any way I could.” she said.

Soccer players, especially the goalies typically aren’t short, so playing goalie was definitely more challenging for her. “I’m only 5’1”, so I have to work a little harder to be more precise on my technique and speed rather than relying on my height to make up for any small mistake I might make.”

However, Evans says there are more pros, of playing goalie, than cons, “It’s very rewarding to see that your work has paid off by making really good saves that you may not have made had you not practiced more than you had to or had you not put in that extra effort.”

She also says she can build special bonds with other goalies that she doesn’t make with field players, called the “goalkeeper union” and it’s very special for her.

She has been playing soccer for about 9 years now, however, she put a lot of effort to make varsity. “I have at least one practice everyday around this time of year. Right now we are in the middle of conditioning, so I can have up to 3 practices a day-team practice, goalie training, conditioning, and even a foot skills class.”

A few colleges have already recognized her hard work and efforts, contacted her saying they were interested, and she is very excited to continue her soccer career for the next 7 years.

Do you still think she’s small?