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New Year, Same You?

A bundle of hopes, goals and aspirations typically accompany a New Year, this year being no different. However, 80 percent of New Year’s Resolutions fail by the second week of February, according to U.S. News. Only 9.2 percent of people actually achieve their resolutions, according to the Entrepreneur.

“I give myself the freedom to make a New Year’s Resolution at any time throughout the year. Because on, let’s say March 2, I can make a New Year’s Resolution because it’s been a whole year since the last March 2,” said Morgan Berry, senior.

55 percent of American New Year’s Resolutions involve becoming healthier and 20 percent involve getting out of debt (Business Insider).

“My New Year’s Resolution is to eat only when I’m hungry,” said Kate Eischens, senior.

A good tip to use when attempting to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions is to include a number. For instance, the New Year’s Resolution to run more will be harder to achieve than the New Year’s Resolution to run once a week. Having a number in it makes the end goal more specific and thus easier to achieve.