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Arod Profile

Alex Rodriguez, junior, is a very talented baseball player here at south. Rodriguez was a great part to the team with only being a sophomore and with Ryan Hagen graduating, he will see a lot more playing time.

“Ever since I was five I have loved the game and always watched it on tv when I was first getting into the game,” said Rodriguez

Rodriguez also played basketball at south his freshman and sophomore year but this year he decided to focus more on baseball and give up on basketball since he didn’t enjoy it anymore.

Now that he doesn’t have to juggle two sports, he is practicing baseball four out of seven days a week and during the summer he practices almost every day.

When asked if he regretted quitting he said, “No not at all, I didn’t see myself going far in that sport and I thought I would have a lot more time to play the sport I actually enjoy.”

“I plan to play baseball in college because I just love the game and I want to play as long as possible,” said Rodriguez

When asked who he looked up to and was inspired by he said, “Derek Jeter because he is a very talented player and always goes hard no matter the situation and that is pretty hard to do sometimes.”

When he is struggling in a game or practice Rodriguez said,”I look to my teammates and try to pull through it for them”.

Expect to see Alex or otherwise known as Arod out on the diamond this year