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Take Care 2

It’s that time of the year again where Drake fans try to predict his next potential project, and this time there are high hopes for something to put us all in our feels. This and other rumors spawned ideas of a Take Care sequel.

Drake stopped by New Zealand on his ‘Boy Meets World’ tour to perform a new song that was teased on twitter. From the 24 second snippet we can see why fans are thinking his new album will be Take Care 2. Lyrically, pulling on fans heartstrings, it has many parallels to it, and pair that with a slow beat, it seems too good to be true. Could his next album really be what fans have wanted for so long after the monumental release of the original Take Care?

But be wary, Drake loves to play with our emotions in other ways by teasing us with false rumors and false hopes. Even if he was going to give us Take Care 2 it wouldn’t be coming out anytime soon so he most likely wouldn’t be performing any songs from it now. One way Drake loves to torture his fans is by pushing release dates for new projects back further and further. He most likely does this to help gain momentum and help boost initial sales for his albums but is this trick really worth it when you are upsetting millions of fans in the process.

So don’t get your hopes up too much if you are banking on Take Care 2 coming out anytime soon. However, it wouldn’t be unrealistic at all for him to eventually drop another collaborative album with The Weeknd.