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Superman Doesn’t Superscore

Superman doesn’t superscore, but the college of your choice might!

Superscore: The word invokes reluctant optimism about that last ACT score that didn’t quite rise to the occaison… Superscore means to collect one’s highest individual category scores and calculate a new composite score from the new data. So, say you’ve taken it three times, they’ll take your highest Reading, Science, Math and English scores from each seperate test, then calculate a new (and hopefully much higher than the three previous) score. There are several ways to calculate you ACT superscore. Below there is a table you can use to calculate it youself:

Test # English Math Reading Science Composite
Test 1 27 22 31 28 27
Test 2 29 25 27 30 28
Test 3 31 27 33 27 30
Superscore 31 27 33 30 31
Average Of Highest Score Goes Here ^

There are several schools around the country that allow students to turn in their ACT scores and the school will calculate and consider your Superscore FOR you! Most recently, Mizzou or Missouri University, has announced that they will be Superscoring student’s ACT scores upon request. So if you didn’t know about this, that could be precious scholarship money slipping through your fingers.

Unfortunatley you can’t calculate and send in a letter to your college saying, “This is my superscore,” you have to send in all your cummulative scores, and the college does it internally. The easiest way to do this is to wait until after you get your ACT scores to send them in. You can do this by logging on to your ACT web account and request for the ACT to send in more scores. It IS possible to send in more than one test score to a school, but without a step by step analysis this explanation would be hard to follow. So, I’d recommend taking a good long look at the ACT website and your personal ACT web account (for which log in information can be found on the ACT score sheet that was sent to your hose OR in the counselor’s office…)

Although it seems really confusing and too much work for it’s worth I promise you it is not! Confusing, maybe. A lot of work, sure, but it is 100% worth it to bump up your composite ACT score as many points as you can (even one is a lot!) because it will make a very big difference in scholarships, admissions, and overall stress load in applying for colleges (in a positive way). So please, PLEASE, consider it!