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South Boy’s Golf

The Golf team has always been quite hard to make, and it’s only getting harder, especially for the older players. Coach Magles believes it’s very smart to keep younger players because they have four years to develop into much better golfers.


Junior, Nick Ryan, has been playing golf for 5 years now and is looking to continue that  this year as a junior. The team has always been a struggle to make, considering they only take about 16 players and on try out day you could have an awful day and choke it away.


“Although some of the players find it annoying that it’s harder for us older players to make the team, it’s honestly good for us, it pushes us to go out and get better, “ Said Ryan.


Not only does Nick Ryan have a lot of pressure on his back for the upcoming season, but so does his twin brother, Kevin Ryan. Kevin Ryan has always played this sport with his brother Nick, hating it a lot of the time because of the competitiveness, but at the same time he loves the push that he gets and they both use that to their advantage.


“Nick and I are very competitive when it comes to sports, and when one of us loses to the other in golf it’s very frustrating, but at the end of the day it’s an extreme advantage for me and him.”


Junior, Blaine Feaster, has been playing golf for 3 years. Feaster has also had the advantage to be playing along with his brother, Harrison, all throughout high school, looking to finish off Harrison’s senior season with him. Now that both Feaster brothers are getting older making the chances slimmer, they have been on the course a lot more often. Both brothers use each other to their advantage, they go out and play as much as possible, pushing the other as hard as possible to be the best they can.


“ I personally think that it’s a good thing that it’s hard to make the team when you get older. I think it would honestly help other sports team at this school to have this kind of push during the off seasons to make the athletes as good as possible,” Said  Blaine Feaster.


Many athletes would find this work ethic annoying, but it would really work to their advantage and it would force them to put in the time and effort.


Great job Andrew! I’m so happy with the length and the angle of this piece it’s awesome! If anything I would put in the final paragraph maybe a connection on how it can help them improve their efforts for their future in sports/college maybe?