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Redefining Relationships

From drive-in movies to Netflix and chill, from diners to drive-thrus, from rotary phones to Snapchats, relationships have changed a lot over the decades.

Social media has added a whole new aspect to the dating life at South. It has completely changed the way couples communicate. Snapchat has become a key part of socializing in current relationships.

Sophomore Taryn Brown said, “Snapchat is how we communicate when we aren’t together.”  

Social media can also become a problem. Many adults would agree that teenagers don’t truly get to know each other because the main source of communication is Snapchat. They are used to what they knew to be a standard high school relationship, whether that be phone calls or long drives.

As technology continues to become more prevalent, relationships will continue to change.

One thing that hasn’t changed over time in high school relationships is that they aren’t expected to last forever.

“It’s great experience for the real world. Not that things won’t last, but you have to realize it’s high school,” said junior Carson Lindsey.

Sophomore Cameron Gillespie agrees with that and said that it “doesn’t happen very often” but a select few do last.

The parents of sophomores, Taryn and Taylor Brown, are a perfect example of this. The Browns have been together since eighth grade. Taylor  said that they met at a football game when her dad was throwing popcorn in her mom’s hoodie.

“An important part of my parents’ relationship is trusting and supporting each other.” said Taylor.

Although the details of relationships have changed, the core values stay consistent in good relationships. Some aspects changing isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Current relationships are more laid back. Social media and texting has made it easier and faster to communicate, and in some cases makes it easier to get to know someone.

Gillespie said, “Social media helps us because we can use things like snapchat to talk to each other and can post pictures with each other which is cool.”

Your typical dates will continue to change. Technology will continue to advance. Teenagers will mature at different rates, but most people can agree that high school relationships are worth your time.