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Lettuce Club Hold’s 2nd Annual Meeting

A PHS tradition continued at students from all grades took on one of the mightiest challenges in their student career. Eating a head of lettuce, in the shortest amount of time as possible.

Dozens of students competed in chowing down the green, but only one came out on top, to take the $0.79 dollar reward. Lettuce club is a once a year club at South where the winner is crowned president of Lettuce Club as well.

Etinosa Reuben, junior, was crowned king after he was able to completely finish a head of lettuce in 4:03. Students of all grades competed, and all did well, however only one a year is able to win the crown, and prize.

This is the second year that this club has taken place, and last year Connor Anderson, now graduated, was crowned when he completed an entire head of lettuce, in under four minutes!

Don’t worry, if you missed out there is still a chance. This meeting is held once a year around the same time. So come back, and prepare to eat, cause this is no easy challenge for anyone.