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Christmas Traditions in KC

From the Plaza lights and the Mayor’s Christmas Tree to ice skating in Crown Center, Kansas City is filled with holiday traditions that have been celebrated by locals for decades.

During this wonderful time of the year Kansas City is known for its plentiful holiday activities. With all the sights to see and countless festivities, families from all over the local area have their own special holiday traditions. For many of students at South, taking part in Kansas City’s Christmas time cheer is a tradition for them and their families.

        One of the most celebrated events is the Plaza Lighting. This ceremony kicks off the holiday season in Kansas City. The special event known by nearly every Kansas Citian takes place on Thanksgiving and goes through New Year. For many families it’s an event they’d never miss.

        “My family and I have gone to the ceremony for as long as I can remember. It’s something we go see every year,” said junior Thomas McKeon.

        Those famous lights are just some of many to go witness. Downtown Kansas City is home of one of the nation’s largest Christmas trees. Strung with thousands of lights and ornaments, the Mayor’s Christmas Tree is a centerpiece for the holidays in Kansas City.

        “Ever since my family moved to Kansas City we always go take pictures by the tree and enjoy the decorations in the city,” said junior Jack Chaney.

        The amazing sights aren’t the only great experiences during this time of the year. For many, the Crown Center Ice Terrace is a must. Located in the heart of downtown, the rink is visited by many.

        “Every Christmas Eve it’s a tradition for my parents to take my siblings and I downtown to go ice skating” said junior Sofia Gomez.

        All in all the traditions in Kansas City during this fun time of the year are impactful to many of its residents. The things to do and sights to see during the holidays in Kansas City are plentiful.