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Big Man on Campus

Many people dream of being great at a sport. For some, it comes naturally. For others, it takes work to make this dream happen.

Ben Becker, offensive lineman for South’s football team, has been playing football for as long as he can remember. On and off the field, Becker is a character. He’s an all-around funny guy.

Many people at South think highly of Becker.

Maddie Murphy, senior, said, “Ben Becker has the best personality and is the life of the party.”

Drew Gadd, freshman, said, “Ben Becker is like a teddy bear. He is soft, furry, and very huggable.”  

When asked who has pushed him the most to succeed in football, Becker said Coach Kent Cramer and his dad. His hard work has finally paid off. Next fall, he will be attending Missouri State on a full ride football scholarship.

Coach Cramer said, “Ben is one of the few people who can hear the truth and understand what is reality. I see him having a very enjoyable and successful college experience at Missouri State.”

Going to Missouri State is not his only accomplishment, though. Becker won first-team All-State and made the All-Simone team.

Becker said, “First-team All-State has been a goal of mine since the very beginning of my high school football career, so when I achieved this goal it was a great feeling.”

One of the most important things to Becker when he began researching different colleges was distance. He knew he didn’t want to go too far.

Christian Holferty, senior, said, “Missouri State is in-state, there’s a new coaching staff that is very young and eager to be successful, and they’ll push Ben to be the best player he can be.”

Becker has always been the “big man on campus.” He thinks he will fit right in at Missouri State and Park Hill South wishes him the best!