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You’ll Fall Hard for This Movie

“Die Hard” is an action-packed, thrilling and iconic movie in the action genre.

“Die Hard” is about a New York City cop who goes to LA on Christmas Eve to see his wife and kids, but the Christmas Party at Nakatomi Tower is interrupted by a group of German terrorists. John McClane (portrayed by Bruce Willis) realizes that he has to save the day while everyone stands to the side and watches.

It is from this plotline where we get the most iconic quotes such as “Welcome to the party, pal!” and — you’ll just have to watch it. These quotes are also referenced in TV shows like “Brooklyn 99” and lightly in “The Office US.”

The antagonist–Hans Gruber–is portrayed fantastically by Alan Rickman. He adds a realness to it that is monumental in the world of villainy, which is nice for me because I like a strong antagonist.

The character development is easy to spot. You really get to see how brave and daring John actually is. You get to see what he would do to make sure that the bad guys do not win on Christmas.

One tiny downside that isn’t really a downside, the language is a little heavy, but it adds on to the semi-authenticity of the movie.

All in all, I would give this movie 5/5 stars. The casting, character development, and the antagonist really make this a good Christmas movie (for no other reason than it takes place on Christmas), or a movie to watch whenever.