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Why “The Office” is the Best Show Ever

“The Office” is an American television show that started as a show on BBC, but then was adapted into an NBC show with the same plot. The show is a comedy, and has nine seasons, all of which are on Netflix.

The show takes place in the office of Dunder Mifflin Paper co. in Scranton, Penn. There is a diverse variety of actors, and Steve Carell plays the main role as the branch manager.

The Office appeals to a large audience, and is rated TV-14. My personal favorite season of “The Office” is season four. It’s where the show actually starts taking off, and there is actually a story to follow.

In my opinion, the American version is funnier than the BBC version, even though the BBC version was the original. The American version started with the same exact plot as BBC, but after a couple of seasons of that, the American version made the show into a completely different story, and a better one in my opinion. The characters are funnier and more interesting to watch.

The show has a lot of on and off relationships between the employees, and each character is very unique. Jenna Fischer plays the receptionist, “Pam”, who eventually marries one of the salsemen, John Krasinski, or “Jim”.

Another reason I love “The Office” is because you don’t even necessarily have to watch the show in order of the seasons/episodes. It’s a funny show regardless of whether or not you know the storyline.

“The Office” is one of my favorite shows and I believe everyone should watch it. I would rate the show 10/10 popcorn bags.