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Trump Just Dropped a Hype Video and I’m Hyped

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

Good God, I am ready to run through not one, not two, but THREE brick walls. This should have been the Don’s angle from Day 1. People hated him before he was even in office. Then some people realized he’s our president (even for those who still say he isn’t) and it is in all of our best interests for him to do well.

This is the key to a successful Trump presidency. Instead of giving speeches that makes half of the country hate you, just drop cool ass trailers for international conflicts. This is why you put a reality TV star in office. So he can rally us around our love for the US of A and our love for movies in which we win at whatever it is we’re competing in.

Before this, I was kinda scared that this staredown may turn into a nuclear holocaust. But after watching this I’ve realized everything is going to be a-ok and we’re going to wipe North Korea off the map. On another note, Kim must be pissed PISSED Donnie dropped this video right across the Korean Peninsula. He may have nuclear capabilities. But there’s no way his media people can make a hype video like that. Even that logo is clean af.