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The Generation of Saggy Pants

We’ve all seen it. Those people who wear their pants at their knees, constantly pulling them up as their walking. Unfortunately, they don’t do a very good job, and you, walking behind them in efforts to get to class, catch a glimpse of your worst nightmare: men’s boxers. Bleh.

You walk briskly, trying to pass them to avoid landing your eyes on the monstrosity again. As you successfully get in front of them, you wonder: what is going on with this generation of saggy pants?

There are the Traditional Saggy Panters who wear the classic saggy jean style. They walk around, either not knowing or not caring about where their waste band is located on their body.

Then, there are the Double Saggy Panters who wear pants over a pair of shorts over their underwear. They don’t really want to show their underwear, they just want people to think they are looking at their boxers. These people wear their saggy pants with “style” and “swagger.”

Last, but most definitely not least, are the Belt-Saggy Panters. These Panters wear their saggy pants with a style twist. They add a belt. Yes, people, these saggy panters have saggy pants even though they have a belt on.

Every time I see them, I want to walk up to them and give them a dictionary with the definition of belt highlighted. Because, apparently, they do not know the purpose of a belt.

These people represent thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people who are apart of The Generation of Saggy Pants. Like me, you are tired of seeing these Panters strut around with their pants hanging down towards the floor.

Now, every time you get up in the morning and decide what to wear, remember: don’t get caught up in The Generation of Saggy Pants. Wear a belt, appropriately, and wear it with pride.