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Season 2 of Stranger Things Deserves All its Hype!

After waiting more than a year, fans were finally gifted with a second season of the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” This sci-fi drama brings together a misfit group of kids from the small town of Hawkins, Indiana in order to stop a mysterious evil.

Writers Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, and Justin Doble have created a masterpiece. As a result, the show went on to win multiple awards including the Show of the Year award from MTV Movie and TV Awards and more.

The never ending twists and constant mystery keeps the suspense alive and the audience hooked. One of my favorite twists was when you learn that the alien Dustin found in his trashcan and hid as a pet, was actually a part of the evil being trying to take over the world as we know it.

“Stranger Things” kept me glued to the couch and thirsty for more, even after the final credits rolled. This show was expertly brought together through the marvelous characters.

Even though the main actors were only 15 years old, they displayed raw compassion and a genuine friendship. Millie Bobby Brown filled the show’s main role as “Eleven” or “El” for short. Brown’s amazing performance earned her the MTV Movie and TV Award for Best Actor in a Show.

The show did have some slow scenes, but never took away from the overall effect. For example there was a long bit where El was isolated in a cabin, and although it was less action packed than the rest of the story, it helped the audience bond with the character.

I would highly recommend this show to anyone who hasn’t seen it, because it appeals to such a broad variety of entertainment. The show earns a 5/5 because it has a little bit of humor, romance, action, and horror riddled within its universe.