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Renaissance Woman

I first met Abby when our bus driver in first grade had to assign the new girl a seat. Turns out it was right next to me! She sat down and I said, “Well I guess we have to be best friends now,” She shrugged her shoulders and nodded, and the rest is history.

Abigail Susannah Emerson was born in Portland, Oregon on November 12, 1999. Just a little bit older than me, I was always jealous of that. Since we met, there were always things I was jealous of. She was smart, she was pretty, her family was really cool; I mean, her dad was training to be a nurse and he collected old comic books. Everything about her was just simply awesome. Even though it checked my ego (or maybe my pride) every now and then, Abby and I have remained besties for 11 years.

Now, as a senior, Abby has continued to shine as the awesome and interesting person she is. Since 7th grade Abby has been an active member in both concert and symphonic orchestra, and not only as head cellist from time to time.

PHS and Lakeview Orchestra instructor Ms. Diane Markley says,

“I have had the pleasure of being Abby’s teacher for the last six years, and I have really enjoyed watching her grow in her musicianship and artistry during that time.  She is a talented young lady with a really strong foundation in the fine arts – both visual and performing arts.  She is very much a team player, and she is willing to take risks within the artistic mediums.  Abby is very dedicated to the orchestra program and works hard to carry her weight and contribute positively to our ensemble.  She is a good role model for the younger students in her section, and I will genuinely miss her next year!”

In fact, most of Abby’s teachers would say she’s been a stellar student throughout her career.

“I would consider her an above average student. She’s very intelligent, and she has really good ideas,” Ms. Carson, her AP Studio Art teacher, said. Carson doesn’t just praise her artistic abilities,

“She’s extremely kind. I mean, I had heard that before but after having her in AP [studio art] I really get it. She’s super caring and always very helpful to me and her fellow students. She’s like a bridge, she works really well with people, she’s a good collaborator and can just get along with anyone. She’s no nonsense though, like if you’re being dumb she’ll say something.”

The lowest her GPA (cumulative or semester) has ever been is a 3.85 since freshman year… Is anyone else jealous with me yet?

Along with being a stellar student and an active extracurricular member Abby has a rather unique occupation as well.

“I started working at ROKC in October of 2016. I think it’s like the coolest job ever,” Emerson said.

You can visit The View’s website or previous issues to learn more about ROKC.

Now it should be clear she’s an interesting person even without the eye-catching feature that won her a spot in The View…

“We started with 8 chicks when I was in 7th grade just because my dad thought it would be fun,” Emerson said.

Now Abby has nine hens, one rooster, two goats, three cats, three rabbits, and a great dane named Bella.

“After we saw how fun the chickens were we couldn’t turn the other animals down. Once people knew we had chickens we got offered all kinds of different animals,” Emerson said.

Having dealt with a fair amount of mixtures and combinations of furry friends throughout the years Emerson has been undoubtedly desensitized to all the…ahem… clean up and homecare of the animals. Some work is undoubtedly unspeakable.

Now, if you’ve met Abby, hopefully you got a kick out of this story, and if not I hope this inspires you to introduce yourself! If it didn’t…well…you’re missing out. No baby goats and bunnies for you I guess.

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