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Read This “Everyday”

A lot of books consist of one specific emotion, whether that is sad, happy, or suspenseful. But “Everyday” by David Levithan consists of all of the above and more.

“Everyday” is a teen fiction book, based on two different characters who fall in love but can’t have a relationship due to one issue.

The main character “A” is in a different body every day. A still has his own emotions and thoughts but  he is able to tap into the new character’s memories and knowledge of the person he is in.

A is faced with a different challenge every day, whether that be an abusive boyfriend, track meet, new school, anything.

One day when A is in the body of a teenage boy Justin’s body, A meets Justin’s girlfriend Rhiannon. A instantly falls in love with her. Rhiannon and Justin’s relationship isn’t a strong and good relationship.

The day A is in Justin’s body, he gives Rhiannon the best day of her life. This is the part in the book where love and romance come into play.

Even though A is in a different body every day, he still manages to see Rhiannon until one day he finally reveals his secret to her.

Rhiannon is able to keep up with A and decides to stick with him.

Later on in the book, A is told that he is not the only one like that.

A gets tricked into going to this place and held captive.

David Levithan leaves the reader with a cliffhanger at the end of the book. David builds up all the suspense and leaves us wondering how A and Rhiannon will work out.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves dystopian novels and realistic fiction.

This book is filled with real life situations and how people actually handle it. It’s a book that doesn’t have one specific genre.

The book contains some cuss words so if you are not into that I wouldn’t read it unless you can handle a couple bad words.

The book had me sitting on the edge of my chair the whole time.

This is my favorite book of all time. Once I started it, I could not put it down.

“Everyday” by David Levithan is definitely a 10/10. It consists of many different genres and a lot of suspense.

David Levithan created another book called “Another Day” which is the same story but from the point of view of Rhiannon.