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Raising Cane’s the new best thing?

Does the new Raising Cane’s really live up to all the hype people giving it?

Last week I was able to experience the brand new Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers in Kansas City, MO. Opening up just over a week ago, Cane’s has been all the talk among people in the local area.

Before going to try it for myself I got a lot of mixed reviews hearing it was “the most overrated chicken ever,” to “it’s the best chicken place in the area.”

When I was there I went with the average “Three Finger Combo.” This comes with three chicken fingers, crinkle-cut fries, one Cane’s sauce, Texas toast and a regular drink.

The customer service was great for a brand new restaurant with first time employees. The cashier new exactly what they were doing and they had my food out in no time.

When I got my food I immediately went to the chicken fingers. They were good but I didn’t think they were anything to go crazy about. I also felt the fries were pretty average compared to other fast food chains.

The Texas toast was definitely one of my favorite part of the meal. It’s more unique than the average biscuit you would receive at Popeye’s or KFC. The Texas toast was delicious but the Cane’s chicken sauce was by far my favorite.  I like that Cane’s has it’s own original sauce that makes the chicken and fries way better.

All in all I’d give Raising Cane’s 3 out of 5 stars. I feel that Cane’s isn’t the best chicken place around town but it’s a delicious go-to restaurant.