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Chris Dupree: Track Star

When watching Chris Dupree run, even with just the blink of an eye, you may miss him.

The sophomore competes nationally and is considered by some as a “celebrity” at school.

Many would describe Dupree as “crazy fast,” but in his own mind there will always be room for improvement. His personal record for the 400m is 48.76 seconds. This year he says he would like to run a “46 or 47.”

Dupree runs track all year round for both South and for his club Max Fitness. His competes in many meets with his club such as Nationals, Texas A&M, New York, Arkansas and Pitt State.

Last season at State for South he got second place with a time of 49.36 seconds. He was unhappy with this.

“The last 100 meters were horrible. I needed to keep my form but I didn’t,” says Dupree.

In order to try and reach his goals of winning State, as well as running faster times, he practices all year round.

“You can just tell by how hard he tries at practice and even just at warmups how dedicated he is,” says Coach Clay Lehnert.

Dupree describes a normal training session for him as “extreme.”

“I think what sets me apart from other runners is my mindset, determination and hard work,” says Dupree.

Next time you’re at a high school track meet for South know to keep your eyes peeled for  Dupree. Just look for the kid who is far in front of everyone else.