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“Beauty and the Beast” pleases in all ways

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Fairytales are a part of childhood. They help us be able to learn how to take chances, challenge the system and express who we are. Hearing fairy tales are great but they are even better when they come to life.

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens starred in the 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast.The live-action film was both heartwarming and charming.

I’d have to say that the screenplay was written extremely well and both Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos did a marvelous job. Its storyline itself blew you away as it was recreated beautifully and the movie script flowed gracefully keeping you intuned the entire time.

The teacup, kettle, wardrobe, feather duster, clock, and candle holder were brought to life in such a realistic way it was almost too hard to believe how real it all seemed.

The creation of the beast himself was fun, creative and so realistic. The horns upon his head was a great touch. I also liked how both costumes, the beast’s and Belle’s, were perfectly recreated to basically perfection.

The actor choice for this movie was perfect and I honestly don’t think no other two actors could have played either part better or almost equally as well.

“Beauty and the Beast,” the theme song that is often sung throughout the song by Miss Potts, really summed up the whole story. I really liked how it was slow and the soft and was sung more than once throughout the song to create repetition. It is my favorite song from the soundtrack and probably the one that is mostly remembered just because of how fantastic the song is.

I highly recommend people of all ages to take the time out to watch the movie because it is the perfect movie for anyone who loves fairy tales. I would rate this movie as a perfect 10/10.