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Baby Driv-ing Its Way Into Action Lovers’ Hearts

A beat thumps out over the radio. Seemingly against your will, your foot starts tapping in time to the music. We all have experienced the rhythmic power of music over our bodies, but what if everything that happened on a daily basis went in time to your favorite playlist?

This concept is explored in the 2017 film Baby Driver, starring Ansel Elgort as Baby. Elgort plays a young getaway driver who wants to leave when he falls in love with Debbie, a waitress played by Lily James.

All of the acting was really well done, with even minor characters having a depth to their performance that is rarely seen in an action film. The plot line was very similar to that of John Wick, both of which containing characters with dangerous and illegal jobs who are trying to escape the life they were forced into.

The greatest part of this film was the cinematography and the soundtrack. Baby is a character who loves music and listens to it constantly, there are only two scenes in the entire movie without a score behind it. Cooler than that, every last detail of the movie is set to the soundtrack. Steps line up with the beats, lyrics appear visually in the frame and the mood of the film seems to change depending on the track.

Baby Driver comes across in the trailer as a run-of-the-mill action thriller. However, upon watching the actual film, I realized that it is actually a compelling tale of a person struggling to escape a bad situation and grow into who they actually want to be. I would rate this movie as an A, due to its impeccable execution and aesthetic quality.