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54th Street is a Go!

Walking in the restaurant of 54th Street in Zona Rosa was different compared to other more normal restaurants.  I wouldn’t call it breathtaking but very unique.  

Right when you walk in your eyes go directly up, where any item you can think of hangs from the ceiling.  From a car, to umbrellas, to bicycles, the overall look of the restaurant was exciting and interesting.  Definitely something I’ve never seen before.  

Right when I walked in through the doors there was a hostess waiting there to take my name and party size.  It was a Thursday night so they weren’t too busy. We waited about 10 minutes to be seated.  

Right as our table was ready we were sat at a booth and a waitress was at our table with not even a second to pick up a menu.  She was very nice and made great conversation around the table.  Our drinks were brought to us right away after ordering them after our quick conversation.  

I ordered the Southwest Chicken Wrap and as a chicken wrap lover, it did not disappoint.  I had never tasted a better wrap in my life and the waffle fries I had with it was a perfect touch to the meal.  The waitress checked on us a couple times while eating which was a perfect amount so she could fill up our drinks.  

She quickly brought us our check and we were out of there in no time.  54th Street was a very quick sit down restaurant that I would highly recommend if you don’t mind sitting for a little to have a quality meal.  I would give 54th Street five out of five stars.  I was very impressed and not let down about any single thing.