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West Wing: The Political Drama We Need…and Already Have

Well boys and girls, it’s that time of year again. When a brisk wind starts to sweep across the land and the leaves begin to change, Christian rewatches the political drama masterpiece known as the West Wing. Today’s political landscape is obviously more explosive than ever before, or at least since the Civil War. We have social and political commentary coming at us from all angles nowadays and we have shows like House of Cards that are all about the inner workings of the government, but that show is meant to be bombastic as hell and quite frankly I got bored and stopped watching about halfway through.

But the West Wing is a different story. The characters are perfectly crafted and it doesn’t use that whole “anti-hero” trope that we see starting to be overused in TV. Martin Sheen plays Josiah “Jed” Bartlett, the best democratic president since Kennedy and it talks about issues that our country is still talking about today. Just in the first season, they talk about tax reform, educational policies, and who and who shouldn’t serve in the military.


Listen to that last part. “The next twenty years are gonna be about privacy. The internet. Cell phones. Who’s gay and who’s not.” They hit the nail right on the head. They also talk about gun control, neo-nazis…almost any issue festering in today’s political climate is in one episode one way or another.

If you’re at all interested in politics, or just want a good show to binge watch on Netflix, watch the West Wing. It’s intelligent, it’s good, and it puts some feel-good inspiration back into politics. That’s something we could all use right now.