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The Fashions of Fall Madness

It’s that time of year again, for walks in parks, pumpkin spice and raking leaves. It’s also the time for scarves, boots and sweaters.


Fall fashion is one of the largest interests in the autumn, and the trends are always changing.


The transition from summer to fall is always awkward. One day it’s hot, then next day it’s cold, then the next day it’s hot and so on. The average temperature in Kansas City, MO is approximately 70 degrees, so not too hot for shorts, and not too cold for pants.


“I like to wear sweaters, some jeans and some boots,” said freshman Chloe Morales. “If I wear short sleeves, I always have a jacket because I’m freezing 24/7.”


Once the weather starts getting into the more cold temperatures is when people really settle into a clothing routine.


“I plan on wearing sweaters once it gets colder,” said freshman Sophie Schulze. “I plan out what shirts go with what leggings in my mind subconsciously. I set my clothes out the night before.”


Planning out what to wear is a sure way to be prepared, but no one can plan for upcoming trends. Some current fashion trends for teenagers right now are faded shirts, ripped jeans, shoulder cut-out shirts and leggings.


While these garments are trending, not everyone finds them as appealing as others.


“Shirts with holes give me suicidal thoughts. Haha just kidding,” said Morales.


Lots of people don’t like the current clothing trends. They “think they’re stupid” and “think they’re trashy.” Trends become trends when one person does something and another person copies it. Eventually, everybody is doing that thing and it qualifies as a trend.


Take ripped jeans, for example.


“It doesn’t look nice. It looks trashy and sloppy. Whenever I get holes in my clothes, I throw them away,” said Schulze.