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Striking a Chord

Music and its impact is felt everywhere

Have you ever come home from a stressful day and wanted to sit in your room, wrap yourself in your music and forget everything that happened?

Music has a huge impact on our everyday lives. It changes how we think, how we feel and even how we act. These favorite artists of ours can largely influence the people that we are. Their music is monumental towards getting us through hard times and keeping us positive.

“I don’t really have one, the music I listen to depends on the mood I’m in,” said Maddisen Clevenger, sophomore.

Clevenger talked a lot about how when she’s sad, she listens to slower music and vice versa if she’s happy.

“It’s something to relate to when you don’t want to talk to anybody,” she said.

Courtney Nance, freshman, said music helps her cope with having an anxiety attack “100 percent of the time.” Nance said that she listens to songs with a slower melody to calm her down even more.

“School stresses me out. It stresses me out the most when I have a lot of homework to do. It overwhelms me to a point where I can’t focus,” Nance said.

She also said that music helps her and she listens to music as much as she can.

For some students at South, one specific artist brings them out of the abyss.

“I like Khalid because he talks about the problems he faced in his life and he’s very honest,” said Mia Cogswell, sophomore.

Cogswell said that Khalid does a good job at articulate what she’s feeling. She also said that his songs are very emotional and have deeper meanings to what is being said through the lyrics.

“I first listened to his most famous song on ‘American Teen’, ‘Location’ and I really liked it so I listened to the rest of his albums. I knew he was my favorite when I would try to listen to other artists and I would skip through trying to find songs by him,” Cogswell said.

Even teachers enjoy bands. For example, Megan Carson, art, really likes “Arcade Fire.”

“Their music is innovative, and different than anything else out there and their lyrics speak to me,” Carson said.

Carson has been listening to their music for 10 years, and has liked it since she started listening to their albums. Carson said that they were “introduced by David Bowie” and that’s how she found out about this band.

“This newest album they have is sad. It’s about suicide and the deeper problems in life,” Carson said.

Everybody has their favorite type of music. Whether it is a specific genre or an artist like Khalid or Arcade fire, the music they make impacts people and allows them to forget the world around them.