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Red Ribbon Week

Natural Helpers have covered the school in red to celebrate Red Ribbon Week, a national drug and alcohol prevention campaign. About 80 million participate in Red Ribbon Week nationwide, and it’s the oldest and biggest drug prevention program in the country.

The purpose of Red Ribbon Week is to bring attention to teens and alcohol and drug abuse. Here are some facts and figures that demonstrate why Red Ribbon Week is so important:

  • High school students that binge drink are 3 times more likely to get D’s and F’s than students who do not
  • Teenagers that smoke weed regularly perform worse on memory tests because marijuana shrinks the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory
  • Teenagers that smoke weed regularly loose 8 IQ  points on average, and these points don’t come back even if they stop smoking when they’re adults
  • Heavy marijuana smokers frequently report feelings of lower life satisfaction, poorer mental health, poorer physical health and more relationship problems.
  • Underage drinking hospitalizations cost more than $750 million a year
  • One of the biggest risks for suicide is substance abuse
  • Underage drinking accounts for over 4,000 deaths a year

Participate in Red Ribbon Week by commenting a pledge to be drug free!