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Preparing For Upcoming Wrestling Season

Park Hill South’s 2017-18 wrestling season has already started. Wrestlers have begun preparing for their upcoming season. All future wrestlers have been working on either gaining or losing weight to weigh into a higher or lower weight class.

The South wrestling team is led by head coach Dan Dunkin and five other assistant coaches.

15-year-old Payton Keedy is going into his third year of wrestling, He plans on wrestling in the 113 weight class this year.

Keedy said that his way of preparing for wrestling season is “cutting weight and practice wrestling other PHS competitors.” Keedy’s goal for this wrestling season is to “make it all the way to state.”

Another South wrestler, Andre Anderson who is onto his ninth year of wrestling, also plans on making it all the way to state while wrestling into a weight class of 152.

Anderson explained that he would like to start dieting. A diet could have restrictions such as no pop, no fattening foods and drinking mainly water. Lifting weights at South was also part of his agenda.

“This season, if I make it all the way to state, my goal would be accomplished,” Said Anderson.

Xavier Jackson, a sophomore, plans on wrestling 195 in weight, said that his goal this season is to succeed all the way to state.

Jackson plans on staying on weight and not gaining nor losing weight. Jackson said he plans on “not eating too much junk food” and going on “late night runs.” Jackson has enrolled himself into advanced weights and plans on going at least four out of seven days a week.

Wrestling season might not have officially started, but South students plan on making it all the way to the top.