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Open Lunches to Save the Day

It’s fifth lunch and your stomach is grumbling, but you can’t manage to force your spoon full of notoriously hairy, cafeteria, mashed-potatoes down your mouth. The one thing you’re craving more than ever right now is a massive, jaw-breaking, Champion Burrito, just five minutes down the road.

So why is it that many other schools, such as our neighbors in North Kansas City, are allowed to leave campus for lunch and we aren’t?

Many students at South agree that open lunches would be a great way toreward students who meet certain requirements, perhaps academic or attendance. The rewards that come with the current card system seem lackluster to many.

One rebuttal against having open lunches would be, “How would we implement it?” It’s simple, just copy what NKC does. Although you might think our schedules are very different, they are quite similar already, and making the changes to implement open lunches would not be difficult. NKC has their lunches during their tutorial: an hour long period where students have the option to eat in the cafeteria or head off campus to nearby restaurants and fast food stops.

Another reason this idea has become more viable as of recent is because of the new restaurants opening up in the area. Chipotle and Panera are bringing their business to 64th street in the near future, and Champion Burritos has just recently opened right down the street from South.

Put down your forks and stop digging out hairs from your cafeteria’s mashed potatoes. Let’s make change.