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Netflix is the New Cable

Who needs cable when you can endlessly stream whatever show you want whenever you want?

Netflix has made its way into society, and now consumes teenagers’ days and nights, causing grades to slip and sleeping habits to break.

Netflix was founded in 1997 but has recently become very popular, specifically among the teenagers of this day and age. Whether it’s a rom com, a horror film or the latest TV series that they are watching, Netflix has nearly 100 million subscribers.

There is a huge range of shows that draw attention on Netflix. Sophomore Annie Woodson’s favorite show on Netflix is “Stranger Things” because she said “the characters are adorable.” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “American Horror Story,” “Orange is the New Black” and “New Girl” are just a couple other popular shows on Netflix.

Some common interests people have in shows and movies on Netflix is that they are funny or that they are dramatic.

“I like how ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ gives you an inside look at doctors, even if it isn’t very accurate,” said sophomore Jessie Hagen.

Most students agree that the classics of Netflix are “Gossip Girl,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “90210,” and “FRIENDS.”  

“I probably watch 10-12 hours of Netflix a week. Once I start a show I can’t stop watching, so I binge,” sophomore Claire Hoy said.

One thing that sets Netflix apart from other streaming sites is that it has full seasons of many different series and you can watch as long and as much as you want.

“There are no ads or commercials which is why I like it better than Hulu,” said Hagen.

Hulu usually only has the most recent seasons. Netflix is $13.99 a month and Hulu is $7.99 a month. It is less expensive than Netflix, but students feel as though the extra couple bucks is worth it for streaming TV and movies.

“One time, I watched so much Netflix that I had a headache all day and my vision was blurry,” Hoy said.

Parents tend to use Netflix as an excuse for their kids’ lack of sleep or low grades. Students argue that it is a great way to relax and take a break from the stresses of life at school.

Whether you watch Netflix to avoid doing homework, distract yourself from stress, or just because you are bored, it is undeniable that it has become a big part of today’s culture. Video may have killed the radio star, but it looks like thanks to endless streaming Netflix may kill the idea of live TV.