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Jobs Around PHS

Working after school jobs can have its benefits and drawbacks. Research shows that some teens may see a slip in grade and deal with stress due to working after school, but for many South students, the benefits overshadow the risks.

Students at South keep busy through after school jobs that come in many different varieties.

Many students work average jobs at local businesses such as a grocery store or a restaurant chain but others do stuff for work that aren’t part of the norm. It can vary from owning your own business to having a paid internship at a multimillion dollar company to working for a small family run business.

        An example of an unusual job comes from junior Parker Greenfield. Greenfield is the co-owner of a small lawn mowing business that cuts and takes care of about 35 yards.

        “I love doing this for work. There’s a ton of benefits that come with being your own boss,” said Greefield.

        Greenfield has the luxury of picking his own hours, when he wants to do his yards, and most importantly, he gets to keep half of the earnings. He also says it doesn’t interfere with his hobbies.

        “I also like the fact that we usually stop around seven because it give me time to go out and be with friends instead of getting home late from sitting around hosting at a restaurant,” he said

However, not all South students own their own businesses. Junior Alex Gardner recently received the opportunity to have a paid internship at multi-million dollar company, Pro Athlete, Inc. Gardner works in the distribution center of the corporation.

“It’s a fun place to work. I’m the youngest in this part of the company so it’s a great learning experience,” says Gardner.

Gardner also talked about the incredible headquarters of the prestigious company.

“The headquarters are extremely nice. There is a coffee shop, batting cages, a basketball court, a workout room, and more; pretty much anything you could imagine,” he said.

Though some students get this kind of luxury, other jobs aren’t so exciting. Harrison Feaster, senior, works at his families locally owned butcher “Broadway Butcher Shop” located in Downtown Kansas City.

“It can get boring at times but it’s cool to work at a family establishment,” said Feaster.

Feaster’s favorite part about the food industry is the “endless amounts of meats” he gets to taste.

While after school jobs may have potential disadvantages for students, many students at South feel the benefits outweigh the risks.