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Cubs World Series 2016

The final game 7 in every sport is one of the most important of all. But in this particular case, game 7 against Cleveland Indians, was the most important of all time for all Chicago Cubs fans.

The win of the final 2017 game ended the longest drought in professional sports. Chicago Cubs won their first championship since 1908.

It was the Indians’ sixth appearance in the World Series and the Cubs first since 1908.

“That final play, when Kris threw the ball to get the final out… I knew this was it. The amount of frustration I was already feeling was overwhelming,” said Thyra Aguilar.

Chicago Cubs were losing the series 3-1. They revived themselves and won three games straight.

The other baseball teams needed only one more win to get to 4 wins, but the Cubs didn’t give up. They won three games straight and broke the 108 year curse.

Aguilar said that the “trades could have had a slight impact on the Cubs winning the World Series.”

Ben Zobrist played with the KC Royals the year before and won a World Series with the KC Royals. Zobrist also happened to be the MVP of the world series.

First inning, the Cubs played in field while the Indians played outfield.

Dexter Howler was first up on the base.

The suspense grew in the air as Howler was on his third and final out. The crowd got real silent as Corey Kluber pitched his final ball.

94 mph hit and Howler hit a homerun.

Pat Hughes, the announcer at the Chicago Cubs World Series gamme didn’t know what to expect.

“That’s in the air to center… and it’s gone,” announced Hughes as the ball disappeared behind the wall.  

During the second inning, while Cubs were playing outfield, Cubs players started slacking off and missing easily accessible balls… which put them a little behind.

During this point in the game, Aguilar said, “Me and my family started getting really frustrated.”

Fourth inning, Cubs were in lead 3-1.

Robert Fabian said this game was going to “cutting it close.”

Fabian said, “I knew deep down that this was going to be a close game for the Cubs.”

10th inning in, Cubs and Indians were tied.

With millions of people watching the World Series game… mother nature decided to come intrude this game.

During the final and tenth inning, the tarps were brought out… and the game was shut down due to a rain delay.

The delay lasted 17 minutes.

An official told Fox Sports, “In this situation, we don’t want to take any chances.”

Not long after, the tarps were pulled over the field.

We don’t want to have them play now in the seventh game of the World Series at extra innings with high scores in conditions that aren’t right. Just to keep the field perfect we covered it and we’ll wait this out. And the good thing is there is nothing behind it.”

After 17 long minutes, tarps were pulled off and the game was back on.

During the final period of the game, Cleveland Indians were at a score of 7 and Chicago Cubs were at a score of 8.

Indians had someone on first base and a batter hit the ball. Bryant caught the ball and threw it to first.

Announcer Hughes was on intercom announcing, “This was gonna be a tough play.”

The crowd screams as Montgomery runs for first base but not quick enough because Bryant managed to get the ball to first just in time.

“THE CUBS WIN THE WORLD SERIES,” Hughes announces as the crowd goes wild.

After 108 years, the curse was finally broken.