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Cross Country Comrades

Cross Country is a sport full of long distance running and endurance. The boys cross country team is full of students who are very passionate about running, and enjoy the atmosphere of the team.

One of those runners this year is sophomore returnee Tristan Bramlett who has been running since the beginning of last year.

“I first started last year because I thought Cross Country would be a good way to stay in shape as well as a fun opportunity to hangout with some friends after school,” said Bramlett.

Cross Country isn’t for everyone, however; it’s a commitment that some people don’t think is nearly as great a time as others on the team. It’s a sport full of rigorous training to get the participants in shape to run their fastest time yet.

“I left the team mainly because I just didn’t find it fun anymore, and it just took up too much of my time,” said sophomore Luke Moyes. “I didn’t run last year for the same reasons.”

Most people on the team enjoy their time with the teammates and like the world of Cross Country. A new runner this year was sophomore James Drumwright who was anxious about starting the team.

“I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep up with the rest of the people there at first,” said Bramlett. “But they did a great job of easing me into the intense running routines early on, and soon I was able to keep pace with the rest of the team.

Bramlett also stated that he’s excited about all the progress he and others on the team have had. His goal for next season is to get his best 5k run down to an 18 minute 30 second time.

The team has just finished their fall season at South and are open to welcoming newcomers for next year. Much of the team also does track in order to fill their running fix between seasons.

“I’m really excited for next year’s season now that I’ll be a returnee,” said Drumwright. “I might do track with some friends in between, but Cross Country is really where the fun is for me.”